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Vehicle Tracking Solutions

For operational efficiency and profitability, fleets and other companies that have vehicles out on the field need to constantly track locational and other information of all their vehicles at any given point in time. Vehicle Tracking Solutions provide route monitoring, driver performance and even fuel consumption information on a real-time basis, and are thus critical to the performance of some businesses.

How it Works

We offer Vehicle Tracking Solutions from a variety of service providers. Our consultants will assist you in making an informed decision. At any point, you will have all the necessary fleet information at your fingertips on a user-friendly web or mobile interface.

Business Advantages
  • Real-time vehicle tracking on several parameters.
  • Real-time alerts of route-diversion, analytics, etc.
  • Plug-and-play solution that fits into existing sockets.
  • Reports dashboard – fuel consumption, insurance, PUC, service alerts, etc.
  • Flexibility to create multiple sub-users with multiple viewing rights.
  • API-based ERP integration.
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