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There are two things that are driving the world in a big way today – Connectivity and Communication. Both of which are critical to business. IT Matic was established in 2001 (as Bhavana Group of Companies) precisely to provide clients with robust and efficient services that cover both connectivity and communication.

IT Matic’s offering has proved critical to over 5000 SME and corporate companies around the world – a base that keeps expanding. Our 360o solutions have helped clients meet their needs effectively and achieve considerable growth in a cost-effective manner. Our vision of delivering rich, ethical and valuable telecom solutions to clients while developing lasting relationships, is accelerating us towards our goal of being a market leader on a global scale within a decade.

From Internet Leased Lines and Broadband to SMS communications and IVR, we are delivering the kind of everyday solutions that keep businesses ticking over. IT Matic is all about automating B2B business communications by leveraging IT and telecom.

360o Telecom Solutions
Serving over 5000+ SMEs and Corporates
Ethical and Valuable Telecom Solutions
Constant Technological Advancement
Two Decades’ Experience
Global Presence
Team of Dedicated Professionals
One of India’s Leading Telecom Service Suppliers
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