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Toll Free

Gives your customers greater comfort level and a feeling that you really care for them enough to even absorb call charges.

How it Works

Customers are generally cost-conscious; many would prefer to connect via a Toll-free number. Our tie-ups with telecom operators right across the country enables you to receive calls from service providers anywhere. The same dedicated access line allows a mix of both inbound and outbound calls.

Business Advantages
  • Provide instant access to customers from across locations.
  • Enjoy flexible subscription options from any post-paid wireless or wireline service.
  • Define, choose and change your routing (Geography-based, time-based, proportional call distribution, condition-based and PIN-based routing).
  • Manage all important aspects of call routing real-time through a user-friendly interactive web interface.
  • Enhance your service delivery through detailed call analysis reports.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by ensuring that your business is always reachable.
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