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Short Code

Manage SMS traffic from and to customers and prospects via shorter numbers (5 or 7 digit), with auto-reply options to reassure customers their issue is being dealt with. It’s an easy and low-cost route for customers and prospects to contact you. Perfect for high-traffic, application-driven customer communication, where response is time-sensitive.

How it Works

A combination of keywords allows you to receive SMS messages from customers and prospects. These text messages are then stored in your inbox for convenient further action from you using our special tools. You have the flexibility to send messages immediately or after a specific point in time. Meanwhile, the auto-reply feature lets customers know their enquiry is being looked into.

Business Advantages
  • Easily store incoming contact numbers, export and add to contact groups.
  • Receive SMS replies to marketing and other communications for free.
  • Short codes facilitate easy recall and familiarity.
  • Get more response from customers.
  • Shared or dedicated number options.
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