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Outbound Dialler (OBD)

OBD is a fantastic business tool that delivers a pre-defined voice message to innumerable target customers. It can be used for delivering service/product information, marketing promotions, surveys, offer discounts and deals, voice OTP, alerts and notifications or even as appointment reminders and delivery confirmation. Endear your brand to customers by personalising the message in different languages.

How it Works

We handhold you through the entire process, advising you on all aspects of the service, including the required software, providing the user database, recording by a voice specialist and, beyond that, all necessary support.

Business Advantages
  • Cost-effective, scalable, easy to use.
  • Uniformity of messaging.
  • Communicate in customer’s preferred language.
  • Endear your brand to customers.
  • Increase lead generation.
  • Improve sales and RoI.
  • Intelligent Call Assignment
  • Run blended campaigns and manage customer response
  • Improve agent efficiency
  • Quality monitoring
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